Overall Rating 3.9 (11 reviews)


Anthony's Description

The Anthony's seafood restaurant is located at the 20 Washington Ave, Bremerton WA. It serves Seafood, American, Pacific Rim and Italian food. Anthony's is children friedly, sutiable for groups, has a parking lot and wheelchair accessible. The avarage rating of this seafood restaurant rated by 11 reviewers is 3.9. For more deatils and orders call Anthony's on (360) 377-5004 or visit thier website.

Anthony's Phone Number

Anthony's Opening Hours

Mo 11:00-23:00
Tu 11:00-23:00
We 11:00-23:00
Th 11:00-23:00
Fr 11:00-23:59
Sa 11:00-23:59
Su 11:00-23:00


Anthony's Location

Anthony's Facilities

Children FriendlyChildren Friendly
Wheelchair AccessibleWheelchair Accessible
Suitable for GroupsSuitable for Groups

Anthony's Website


Anthony's Cuisine

Seafood , American , Pacific Rim , Italian

Anthony's Address

20 Washington Ave
Bremerton , Washington , 98337
United States


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