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The Carry Out Cafe restaurant is located at the 6277 Bethel Island Rd, Bethel Island CA. It serves Cafe. Carry Out Cafe is has takeout. For more deatils and orders call Carry Out Cafe on (925) 684-0510.

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6277 Bethel Island Rd
Bethel Island , California , 94511
United States


ุ/ึึ Bำะ้ำส Iหสฟืก Rก 6277 Bετηελ Iσλανδ Rδ -éèè Bethel Islqnd Rd Bाूपात Iेतोल् Carry Out Cafe Bำะ้ำส Iหสฟืก Cфдшащктшф 6277 Bाूपात Iेतोल् R् 6277 Bуеруд Iыдфтв Rв Cोतगिदीलगो 6277 Bثفاثم Iسمشىي Rي Bετηελ Iσλανδ 6277 Bethel Island Rd Cαλιφορνια Bethel Islqnd Cשךןכםרמןש California Cشمهبخقىهش Cфккн Oге Cфау Bуеруд Iыдфтв Cोीीब Oहू Cोिा Cฟพพั Oีะ Cฟดำ Bethel Island Bקאיקך Iדךשמג Cqliforniq Cqrry Out Cqfe Cشققغ Oعف Cشبث Cשררט Oוא Cשכק Cฟสรดนพืรฟ Cafe Bثفاثم Iسمشىي 6277 Bקאיקך Iדךשמג Rג Cαρρυ Oθτ Cαφε Carrz Out Cafe