Burgers Plus

Overall Rating 3.8 (13 reviews)


Burgers Plus Description

The Burgers Plus restaurant is located at the 740 W 2nd St, Antioch CA. It serves Burgers. Burgers Plus is has a parking lot and has takeout. The avarage rating of this restaurant rated by 13 reviewers is 3.8. For more deatils and orders call Burgers Plus on (925) 753-5061.

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Mo 10:00-17:00
Tu 10:00-17:00
We 10:00-17:00
Th 10:00-17:00
Fr 10:00-17:00
Sa 11:00-16:00


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Burgers Plus Cuisine


Burgers Plus Address

740 W 2nd St
Antioch , California , 94509
United States


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